Development began in 2019 by the National Centre for Geographic Information. It originated with the goal of being the common technological basis for the different tools to view geographical information from the National Geographic Institute.

It uses HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, based on OpenLayers 6.

An application to learn about the area in a 1km radius from the location of your mobile device, a mailing address, or any point on the map.

CEGET WMS viewer. Spanish Ministry of Defence.

Basic API example with a combination of vector files and web services.

Instructional Resources

Plugin for the API-CNIG and MAPEA

A technical presentation describing the creation of plug-ins in the API-CNIG and MAPEA

API-CNIG practice

Guided practice for use of the API-CNIG. Includes already solved exercises

API-CNIG Iberpix 5.0

Iberpix. Novelties and description of Iberpix 5.0 features


Beginners workshop to use the API-REST and API-JS of the API-CNIG