6) INSPIRE Validation

1) INSPIRE ETF Validator:

To find out if data sets, services, and metadata files follow the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines, the INSPIRE Validator has been developed to report possible failures or improvements to the following resources:

  • View Services - WMS and WMTS (TG version 3.11)
  • Download Services - WFS and ATOM (TG 3.1), WFS (TG 1.0)
  • Discovery Service - CSW (TG 3.1)
  • Metadata Files (TG 2.0)
  • Interoperable Spatial Data Sets in GML (Guidelines for the Encoding of Spatial Data version 3.3)
  • Data specifications for the various INSPIRE themes: addresses, administrative units, cadastral parcels, geographical names, hydrography, protected sites, transport networks, etc.

A community has been created in Github that permits potential problems observed to be reported and to propose improvements. On this platform, you can also consult changes in the successive versions that have been published and the different open themes.


2) Validator of linkage between resources:

All INSPIRE resources from the Member States are published in the INSPIRE Catalogue. This catalogue lists the Spatial Data Sets and the services linked to them. Therefore, it is important that all metadata documents (GetCapabilities and metadata files) are well linked. Thus, this validation tool has been created to do so. To better understand these links, you can consult this document.